The future is called DAPP

2 min readFeb 3, 2022

We are at the beginning, the beginning of the web 3.0 era. Creation tools, such as Blender, the Unreal Engine, the Nvidia Omniverse SDK, are based on mature technologies. The metaverse can only come, it is concerning IA_AUT_ECO, a non subject of debate.
Metavers = decentralized applications (DAPP)
Metaverses can only work in a decentralized way. The current Internet has forgotten its resilience and this is dangerous for everyone, both for families and for businesses.

With the DAPPs, we return to Internet 1.0 with the advantages of the blockchain. But the Internet is not just about Amazon or Google, you have Peer To Peer video sites like peertube or open source alternatives to Twitter like Mastodon.

The metaverses are destined to become de facto silos, of course, subject to the regulations in force, but the solutions currently developed by IA_AUT_ECO do not concern the general public, due to the complexity of the technologies and, to fill the gap purely technical.

The DAPPs, currently written by IA_AUT_ECO obviously use tokens, the monetary use of Ethereum, is not the subject of IA_AUT_ECO, in addition to operators already in place and competent.
DAPP | Metaverse: Why?
DAPPs | metaverses are not going to “kill” social networks, that’s not the goal of web3. On the other hand, avoid leaks of information, allow employees to work peacefully. Make uses natural and transparent. The demo effect is not the goal. Robustness and resilience (this is in no way contradictory) is essential for the Enterprise.

What about ecology? This is where web3 comes in. Have little in the long term rebalanced the presence of datacentres, they only pose a problem because they are geographically concentrated, if they were dispersed, the question no longer arises.




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