Nvidia Omniverse © or the mortar and bricks of the metaverse

In a few months, a new term, favored both by technology and ingenuity and also by Epic Games, creator of the Unreal Engine and the free to play video game: Fortnite to allow a literary chimera to appear : the metaverse.

What is the metaverse? The easiest way is to refer to the book by Neal Stephenson: « snow crash », also read the « cryptonomicon » trilogy, which can be a source of inspiration.
A new field of possibilities and cheap
From now on, we will assume that you are familiar with the concept of metavers. But how is it used for its customers and these collaborators? It’s the best with Nvidia’s omniverse ©: you do what you want.

Nor am I saying that this new field of experimentation is easy to grasp. The foundations are barely dug and at the time of this writing, the SDKs are still in beta. Nvidia to facilitate things (in this they are of a remarkable pedagogy): has created a forum and a dedicated youtube channel, which completes a documentation worthy of the name.

Why do I say the omniverse © set is cheap? It runs under GNU / Linux and the creator of metaverse little and have to use Blender, open source toolset, which admittedly is a bit complicated to apprehend, but if you survived TensorFlow and PyTorch training, this is will be very easy .Blender is fully RTX compatible and via cycle, its rendering part, can be parallelized to do a job much faster, thus saving time and money.

The hardware also: if you have an RTX class GPU (from 2070) which calculates your machine learning models, it will be done by itself (it depends on the complexity of your scenes).

Will the metaverse take hold or is it just a buzzword, like any other? The metaverse already exists, certainly for leisure, but the business model, via cosmetic microtransactions, but Epic Games is making money.
Another internet and not for ten years
Is the metaverse ecological? efficient? Does he give more value? Yes, I repeat: if your servers calculate machine learning models, it won’t cost more to deploy software made with omniverse ©, which is of course Docker and Kubernetes compatible.

Omniverse © is as compatible as possible. The metaverse is not the universal solution either, it will become so, but not for now. An HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP / JSON site is the current solution and for the moment satisfactory. It’s up to us to make the metaverse the new internet.

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