AI startup environments 2/7: The return of forums and professional podcasts

Forums have always existed since the age of the BBS, but the most obscure, in some fields, have almost disappeared, killed by social networks. We moved from a meta network, where to participate, we had to show our credentials and undergo a more or less painful hazing, but which validated the entry in good faith.
And professional forums survived social networks and discords — like
Forums, as noted above, date back to the stone age of personal computing. They exploded at the beginning of 2000, or, according to sociologists, well-educated young people, familiar with computers and passionate about their subjects.

These same computer tools, which seemed obscure to ordinary mortals, became habitual via smartphones which appeared in 2007, under the impetus of Apple. This material met at the right time “social networks”.

Which ends up killing computer forums , not all of them , but those that were too nerd , too bigoted , oh , they still exist , but no more visits and are no longer technically maintained and have become generators of spams or network admin’s cousin is clueless what is a hash and salt function in PHP..

But the needs of an entrepreneur, a software creator, a data scientist, do not really correspond to those of a soccer mom from the American middle west, a pillar of her local church.
Authentication and regulation or how to have safe environments
What protects the speakers on these forums, takes place during the registration process: either you do it by hand, or you use one of your everyday identifiers: twitter, google, github.. these last are most “advisable”.

I must admit to using it more and more, simply because it proves that I am myself and that I come to try to make my contribution to such and such a community, that we are all professionals, so this behaves civilly.

These rules, however common sense, allow cordial exchanges and in the permanent stress of a technological creator, it does a lot of good.

The regulations, which these days, remind us of the savoir vivre, to which we are accustomed since childhood.

Podcasts or how to stay up to date
The days, lasting only seventy-two hours, it is good, when we cannot go to such and such a website, to be able to keep up to date.

I am a fan of the podcast, which is a format that goes everywhere and allows you to take your time. Certainly I am an autodidact and I am in permanent self-training. I listen to both entrepreneur podcasts and the ones that interest us today: technology podcasts.

According to your needs and looking carefully: you have something for all your present and future needs: to put it simply: take your helmet, your shovel and dig, but self-training allows you to survive.


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